The President of the Republic of Poland ordered elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland on October 15. Voters who are abroad and have valid Polish identity documents will be able to vote in voting districts established abroad. Voting will take place in person at the headquarters of the selected committee.
The list of voting districts was published in the annex to the regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of September 14, 2023 on the establishment of voting districts abroad for the Sejm and the Senate in 2023 for Polish citizens staying abroad ( pl/DU/2023/1884).
In the East Midlands you will be able to vote in:

  1. Derby, address: 9 Gordon Road, DE23 6WR Derby.
  2. Nottingham, address: 2 Sherwood Rise, NG7 6JN Nottingham
  3. Leicester: address: Polish Centre in Leicester at the Polish Church of St. Paul’s, Falmouth Road, LE5 4WH Leicester
  4. Boston, address: 24 Horncastle Road, PE21 9BU Boston


To be included on the voting list, you must submit an appropriate application no later than 5 days before election day, i.e. by October 10 at the latest.
The voter will be able to submit the application in one of three ways:

  1. via the dedicated e-Wybory electronic service,
  2. in writing, recorded in paper form, with a handwritten signature (i.e. in person at a consular office or by letter),
  3. to the consul’s e-mail address, as a digital copy of the application with a handwritten signature (i.e. an e-mail to the consul with an attached scan or photo of the written application with a handwritten signature).

A voter’s request to be included in the list will have to include:

  1. surname,
  2. name(s),
  3. PESEL registration number,
  4. number of a valid Polish passport or ID card,
  5. voter’s address abroad,
  6. contact details in terms of e-mail address and/or mobile phone number.
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