IT Course

With the support of the Castle Cavendish funding, we delivered computer courses and workshops which aim to equip low skilled EU citizens with basic IT knowledge, which in turn will help them to apply for their own settled status.

Attendees gain basic IT skills which are essential in modern day life. They have an opportunity to socialise together, spend time in each other’s company and make friends.

A few quotes from our attendees:

“My IT skills have definitely developed thanks to the SPS IT course. I don’t have to ask my son for help whenever I want to turn on the computer and read news. I can keep in touch with my friend who travels abroad a lot via email. I am very happy that I made new friends during the course.”

“It was fun to come to the SPS IT course. I learned a lot and laughed a lot with other participants. I felt like I belonged. I was so proud of myself when I finally managed to do basic maths in Excel – it was like summitting Mount Everest for me.”

All our past attendees commented that the course made them feel more confident when using computers and technology in general.

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